On this page we list the events we have organised in the past, including many photos.


Good Friday Walk of Witness. Friday 14th April 2017

Woodbridge Churches Together Walk of Witness 2017.  Members from all the churches in Woodbridge gathered at The Shire Hall on Good Friday and after initial prayers and readings the procession followed the Cross. The procession followed a route around the town stopping at various points and churches for more readings , prayers and hymns.  Finally at 11.10 the procession joined members of the Quay Church for a service.

Woodbridge Passion 2015

We organised a Passion Play in Woodbridge this year, following up the success of the events in 2011 and 2007.

It was to have been in Elmhurst Park at 10.30am on Good Friday, April 3rd, but because of bad weather we moved it to the Riverside Theatre. So many people turned up that we had a live stream from nearby Quay Church!